We are back with some of our explicit products that would add in some more creativity to you designs.

Cement Design reinterprets the terrazzo, a hit of the ‘70s that emerged in the Venice of the fifteenth century, with a totally purified style, sophisticated and full of color. Under the name of ‘Microterrazzo’, it is a cement-based coating and aggregates of glass, applicable on floors and furniture. 

Customizing the surface with the charm of Terrazzo Veneziano is possible with this innovation from Cement Design. A total of 70 combinable products, five collections, four-grain sizes, Cement Design’s 120 color chart along with the 980 NCS colors are the components of this versatile melting pot of art and beauty.  


VENEZIANA  The material chosen in palaces and residences of the bourgeoisie of the fifteenth century in Venice, the original terrazzo has its most faithful version in the Veneziana product of Cement Design. In homage to that mixture of marble, cement, colored crystals and pearls, this coating shines with its own light.