About Us

ColourCoats is a premium contracting firm based in Mumbai that specialises in Italian grade finishes and wood coating solutions.

First conceptualised in 2013, ColourCoats was born as the sister concern of Italcoats – a pioneer in wood coating from Italy.

With over two decades of experience in the wood coating and finishing business, ColourCoats has executed a remarkable number of exclusive projects for top interior designers and architects. With an extensive range of products that are limited to ColourCoats only, the company has established itself as a pioneer in top quality Italian finishes.

With client satisfaction and impeccable execution at the forefront, ColourCoats aims to deliver results that are nothing short of perfect.

Our expansive team of R&D, Designers, Technicians and Co-ordinators – are creatively well equipped with knowledge of design logistics, paints, resins and coatings.

Furthermore, our creative team carries out continual trials for new and innovative finishes, which aims at ensuring best results each time around.